Full Planning and Video Production

  • I can work with you side by side on figuring out what type of video you need for yourself or your business. I enjoy storyboarding and coming to an idea that works both for you and me. After planning any dialogue and shot ideas, we begin capturing all of the video we will need. I will then take all of the video and audio to post and start laying out the idea we have came up with.

  • If you already have the perfect vision for a video you need, I can easily get on board for what you are thinking and recreate visually how you want the finished product to look. We won't be finished until you are completely satisfied on the outcome.

  • When filming events (such as weddings) I sit down with you and go over every little detail on what I'll be doing and also listen to you for specific aspects of the event that you want me to focus on more.

  • I have a full set of production gear for 4k video, photography, lighting, audio, and post-production color grading editing software.

  • Need aerial photography/video? I’m a commercial drone operator. Great for weddings and for real estate imaging.

  • Overall, I will not hand over the final product until you are completely satisfied with every aspect when working with me.



Freelance Services



Growing Your Business

Having videos showing your business, products, and employees can help your customers know who they are dealing business with.  We can work together on coming up with ideas of show who you are, what you offer, and why people should visit your business.

Wedding Videography

I've been filming weddings for the past 4 years and I like to film the entire day and night.  My main goal is to show parts of the day that the bride and groom may not get to see.  Aside from the full Wedding Video, I edit together a "Trailer" or recap video of the full day.  I also save individual videos from all of the events throughout the wedding day.  The couple receives Blu-Ray discs and the mp4 files from the disc.

Commercial Droner Operator

I am commercially drone certified. 4K Drone - Great with Real Estate, Agriculture Imaging, Wedding Imaging,



Are you wanting to work together on a video project?  Send me a message and let's talk some ideas.  

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